One BPV Talent Selected to Receive 2020 Special Government Subsidies

On Feb 18, the Jiangsu Provincial People's Social Welfare Office announced the list of candidates who will receive special government subsidies in 2020. With the approval of the State Council, 106 talents from Jiangsu Province were selected, out of which 2 are recommended from Jiangbei New Area. Chen Yong, founder of Nanjing University of Technology Biotechnology Research Institute in BPV, was selected as a professional and technical personnel.

About Chen Yong

Graduating from Nanjing University of Technology from undergraduate to doctor degree, Chen Yong now is the founder of Nanjing University of Technology Biotechnology Research Institute Co. , Ltd. As a local resident in Nanjing who was born in 1982, Chen Yong chose to stay in the university for postdoctoral research and his cooperative tutor is Ouyang Kaiping, academician of China Engineering Academy and former president of Nanjing University of Technology after graduation. But later he bravely left the excellent conditions of the ivory tower in University and led his employees to work hard for a start-up. Not only he keeps his initial idea, but also led the enterprise to achieve extraordinary results.