Congrats! Start-ups incubated by NJBPV have achieved outstanding results in financing!


Recently, according to the report of "2021 Jiangsu Investment and Financing Ecological White Paper (Nanjing-Special Issue)" released by Maker Commune Media, Jiangbei New Area's total corporate financing amount, the number of financing events, and the number of members of the "100 million yuan financing club" all ranked first in Nanjing. Among them, in 2021, Enterprises in Jiangbei New Area have entered the "100 million yuan financing club" within 26 members, and enterprises incubated in NJBPV account for 15.

The pursuit of capital is due to the accumulation of a large number of innovative enterprises with strong competitiveness. From gazelle enterprises, unicorn enterprises, to "New Favourite" Nezha enterprises(refers to the enterprises that keep raising financial rounds), different concepts but all represent the same thing. That is, behind each new species of enterprise index list, you can glimpse the innovation enthusiasm of a region and its attractiveness to the industry's top resources.

In 2021, NJBPV has incubated 73 national-level high-tech enterprises, 181 national science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, 1 national-level specialized and special new small giant enterprises, among which 2 enterprises have already been selected as Hurun Global Unicorn Enterprises in 2021, 3 as Potential Chinese Unicorn Enterprises, 2 as Nanjing Unicorn Enterprises, 23 as Unicorn Cultivation Enterprises, and 10 Gazelle Enterprises. Innovation and development have aroused echoes in the capital market! "For the capital side, what they value most is the continuous innovation of Geneseeq in scientific research. In the capital market, innovation means more space for imagination." said Zhao Minchao, co-founder of Geneseeq, star-enterprise incubated in NJBPV.

With the support of leading capital, enterprises in the park have also burst out unprecedented innovative energy, and high-quality projects with breakthrough technologies have sprung up. The "Kirin Knife" tumor precision radiation therapy series products have reached the international leading level, and Simcere's innovative achievements have been unveiled at the National "Thirteenth Five-Year" Science and Technology Innovation Achievement Exhibition....

It is worth mentioning that, according to statistics, there will be amounted of 26 "100 million yuan financing clubs" in Jiangbei New Area in 2021, an increase of 10 compared with 2020, and the number of members of the "100 million yuan financing club" in Nanjing in 2021 will be the first. The city accounted for 42.62%. Among them, 15 enterprises including Jiangsu Tripod-GLP Pharmaceutical Research, TransThera and Singleron Biotechnologies in NJBPV are on the list.