Congrats! 2 incubators in NJBPV were awarded Class A in the national performance appraisal!

生命之光1.jpgRecently, Torch High Technology Industry Development Center of Science and Technology announced the evaluation rates of the 2020 National Technology Business Incubator. TWO national incubators in NJBPV, Nanjing Biomedicine Valley Science and Technology Pioneer Park and Jiangsu Dingye Biomedicine Incubator,  have been rated as outstanding (Class A) in the performance evaluation, demonstrating that the incubation service and incubation effectiveness of BPV is in the forefront of the city.

The technology business incubator is related to the cultivation of independent innovation subjects and the overall construction of the innovation ecology, and is then regarded as an important transformation of scientific and technological achievements. It is a key link in the work of scientific and technological talents and closely related integrates resource elements such as talents, technology and capital. 

At present, NJBPV has established a complete operating system for technology business incubators, promoted the upgrading of incubators, accelerated the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and played a siphon effect by attracting business with brands. BPV uses a series of investment promotion themed activities, such as roadshows as the starting point. While hosting monthly roadshows and weekly salons, BPV innovatively launches sub-brands , such as "Winning in Jiangbei Frontier Sharing Session", "Biomatrix Medicine Theory", "Biomatrix Industry Research", "Biomatrix Characters", etc., giving full play to the siphon effect of brand investment, and attracting dozens of innovative and entrepreneurial projects to land and develop. Accelerate the pace of innovation and entrepreneurship with caring services. BPV focuses on creating branded service activities and enhancing service influence to create a series of “service upgrade” activities, such as “service-upgrade speed”, “service-upgrade promotions”, “service-upgrade energy” and so on. According to the needs of enterprise development, we will organize high-quality enterprise service activities to ensure precise service for enterprise development.

In the next step, NJBPV will continue to integrate high-quality resources within and outside the region, use innovation as a breakthrough point, strengthen the functions of public service platforms, build a premier technological innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem, and continue to provide new momentum for the construction of an innovative city.