Guidance Meeting Held for Application for 2021 National High-tech Enterprises by NJBPV

Apr 13,2021

The application for national high-tech enterprises in 2021 has been officially started. In order to actively promote the cultivation of high-tech enterprises in NJBPV, the Jiangbei New Area Life Science and Health Industry Office (Herein after referred as "The Life Science and Health Office" or "The Office")held an guidance meeting for the application of high-tech enterprises in 2021 on the afternoon of April 12. More than 70 employees in charge of the application of high-tech enterprises from settled companies in NJBPV attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the staff of the Life Science and Health Office" first introduced the corresponding deadlines of the application for high enterprise in 2021 in Jiangbei New Area and Jiangsu Province, and made specific arrangement of the high enterprise work in NJBPV. The Office requires enterprises with interest to pay attention to important deadlines, make reasonable arrangements for the declaration according to their own preparation schedule, prepare the materials as soon as possible, check the omissions and fill the gaps, and submit the application as soon as possible.

During the exchange session, the representatives of participating enterprises introduced the progress and problems of their respective enterprises' declaration. The team from the Life Science and Health Office answered the questions and learned the difficulties that the enterprises needed to help solve. Through communication and discussion, the team of the Office and the enterprises cleared their questions and difficulties for the application and will focus on the next step of the application respectively.