The roadshow builds a multi-party exchange platform to boost industrial development. The event is held in the last ten days of each month. Last year, 12 sessions have been held, with a total of 29 sessions. The theme of the event involves the innovative drug projects of cutting-edge emerging biotechnology, such as cell therapy, nucleic acid drugs, gene therapy, new antibody drugs, or innovative medical device projects, such as gene/molecular diagnosis, neural/cardiovascular interventional medical devices, and high-end medical electronic equipment, each activity has 6-8 biomedical projects with great competitive barriers and development prospects, 8-10 senior review experts from the industry, investment and clinical sectors commented on the project site, and over 2000 investment directors or above from biomedical investment companies, large comprehensive investment companies or well-known biomedical listed companies participate offline at the same time. In 2020, nearly 100 projects have been on the platform for roadshows, more than 100 experts have been to the site to comment on the projects, and over 2000 investors have watched and screened the projects.