Overview of Biopharmaceutical Public Service Platform


Nanjing Jiangbei New Area Biopharmaceutical Public Service Platform is a wholly-owned platform approved by the Management Committee of Jiangbei New Area. It is committed to the integration and innovation of new drug detection center, gene sequencing Center, mass spectrometry detection and analysis Center, biological sample center and big data center, optimizing and integrating the new district's life and health service resources, and promoting the "two cities and one center" of the new district The construction of "gene city" in the layout provides "one-stop" public services such as professional analysis and testing, R & D services, achievement transformation, talent training, scientific and technological information, entrepreneurship incubation, etc. for all kinds of enterprises, scientific research institutes and medical institutions in the field of life and health industry.

Service Centers

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Alliance of Nanjing Biopharmaceutical Platform ,ABP

Alliance of Nanjing Biopharmaceutical Platform (ABP)was established in December,2016. ABP aims at constantly integrating scientific and technological resources to build a one-stop public service for biomedical enterprises and biomedical innovation and entrepreneurship talents, under leading of Nanjing science and technology commission, Nanjing Health Commission , dominating by Nanjing Jiangbei New Area Biopharmaceutical Public Service Platform. With its strong capabilities of resource integration, resource sharing, technical service, technological innovation and efficient bridging, ABP boasts a national and provincial radiation influence and provides professional, convenient, centralized and complete branded public services covering the biomedical industry chain for biomedical research and development, enterprise technology innovation, national major new drug creation and biomedical leading talents and entrepreneurship, so as to enhance the independent innovation capability of enterprises, reduce the cost of innovation and entrepreneurship, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, optimize the industrial environment, and realize great-leap-forward development.