CAS Super Accuracy(Nanjing) Co., Ltd

CAS Super Accuracy(Nanjing) Co., Ltd is an independent innovative high-tech enterprise with the vision of "accurate protection, endless life" and the mission of "becoming the world's leading group in radiotherapy industry to treat cancer and protect health". 

CAS has led the application of nuclear technology in China's independent innovation with the advantages of computer algorithms, and assembled a highly compatible, composite and complementary excellent team and comprehensively launched the workflow of "pattern, strategy, resources, organization, product". Through time accumulation, capital precipitation, talent precipitation, polishing process technology,  CAS will realize the closed loop of "engineering, enterprise, marketing, capitalization" and complete the clinical "touchstone" verification to create cutting-edge products. These core elements will make CSA eventually become the leader of the industry with diversified resources from market, talent, capital, policy and industry, a compound platform with cancer radiotherapy as the core, and even the future leader of the radiotherapy industry in the world.

With accumulation, self-knowledge and stability, comes accomplishment. CAS SuperAccuracy is marching towards the future of global-leading radiotherapy industry based on China's independent innovation technique.