Nanjing SinoUnison Technology Co., Ltd.

SinoUnison Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as SUT) is a third-party testing facility focusing on food, pharma, agrochemicals and life science fields. Our testing services are related to fields in food, agricultural products, pharma, agrochemicals, cosmetics, health care products, food and pharma contact materials, agricultural environment, and etc. SUT laboratory network covers Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Shandong, Tianjin, Shanxi, and Inner Mongolia. Headquarter of SUT is located in Nanjing.

The capacity of life science field of SUT includes characterization and biology analysis of large molecular biology medicine, pharmaceutical R&D (targeting antineoplastic chemotherapy drug), pharmaceutical research, evaluation of the consistency of pharma, preclinical and clinical trials, professional phase Ⅰ, Ⅱ andⅢ clinical site service , pharmaceutical testing, product registration application and consulting services and so on.

SUT a technology-based high-tech enterprise holds many qualifications both at home and abroad. The qualifications in food field include CNAS, CMA, CATL, a testing facility in pollution-free agriculture products and green food approved by Ministry of Agriculture. The pharma lab of SUT is with CRO service qualification. In agrochemical field, SUT owns OECD GLP certificate, and is also a certificated pesticide registration test facility approved by China Ministry of Agriculture. Moreover, SUT has leading technological advantage and market recognition in bee product testing and identifying field.

SUT has always been committed to deepen technical competence, improve technological R&D capacity, develop and subdivide testing fields and expand lab network to provide professional, true, accurate, controllable and efficient services for global customers. SUT is now striving to be a leading third-party testing service platform both at home and abroad.