Nanjing Geneseeq Technology Inc.

Nanjing Geneseeq Technology Inc. was established in Jiangbei New Area in Nanjing on March 29. It is the first enterprise in Nanjing biomedical Valley to settle. Geneseeq Technology Inc. has been committed to the clinical transformation research of high-throughput sequencing (NGS) in the field of tumor precision medicine since 2008. After the great leap forward development in the past five years, Geneseeq has grown into a leading enterprise of tumor gene sequencing in China, ranking first in the same type of enterprises in China.

Geneseeq has established more than 10000 square meters of translational medicine centers in Canada and China, has a full range of Illumina high-throughput sequencing platform, and is the first cancer clinical laboratory center in China that has passed the cap acceptance certification without any defects. It has also passed a number of domestic and foreign authoritative certifications, including cap in the United States, EMQN in Europe, and the external quality assessment of the clinical examination center of the national health and Family Planning Commission. At present, more than 500 R&D and industrialization teams have been gathered, and the core R&D personnel are from top universities in North America and China. Their business covers 25 provinces and cities in China. They have cooperated with more than 500 top three hospitals in China, accumulated more than 140000 samples of Chinese tumor NGS genome database, and become the first batch of enterprises to settle in the "national health care big data center". In 2018, Geneseeq was selected as the first batch of "cultivating Unicorn enterprises" and "cultivating gazelle enterprises" by Nanjing municipal government, becoming the innovation business card of Nanjing.