Nanjing Immunophage Biotech Co., Ltd

Immunophage Biotech Co., Ltd (IMP), was established in 2016. The R&D center, Immuther Pharmtech (Shanghai) Co., Ltd , is located in Shanghai Lingang Pujiang International Technology City. IMP is an innovative drug discovery company focusing on cancer and autoimmune diseases with unmet medical needs. 
In the cancer battlefield, IMP focuses on the discovery of novel therapeutic targets which play a key role not only in cancer growth or metastasis, but also in tumor microenvironment (TME), thereby developing multi-functional drugs to combat the relapse and refractory cancers. In the autoimmune disease field, IMP focuses on rebuilding the balance of the immune system to develop next generation of therapeutic approaches. So far, two first-tier drug have entered the IND enabling stage, and the third products is on the way to IND enabling study. IMP possesses a rich pre-clinical pipeline, in which, each project is unique and highly competitive worldwide.
IMP recently completed the Pre-A round financing, which was led by Jinfang Hengjian Investment Management and Enran Capital. With advanced science and technology as our base and scientific innovation as our engine, IMP aims to deliver at least one drug to the market and make herself a world-renowned pharmaceutic company in 5-8 years.