Nanjing 1 globe biomedical co., Ltd

1Globe Holdings,founded in November 2006,  is an international enterprise group, which is committed to be the world's leading innovative new drugs company by independently designing, inventing, creating, researching and developing, clinical trials and development, production and sales of .1 Globe Holdings has the latest generation of core technologies (asymmetric RNA gene targeting technology), nano drug delivery technology, synthetic biological therapy technology, cancer stem cell targeted therapy technology and other core technologies with international independent intellectual property rights, which are in the leading position in the world.

1 Globe capital is a strategic investment oriented institution of 1 Globe Group in the field of high technology and international health industry. The 1 Globe angel fund is mainly committed to investing in innovative start-up in the initial stage. 1 Globe Health Institute, as the core organization of technology innovation,has set up R & D centers in many places, including Beijing, Nanjing and Boston. The world's leading (first in class) drug developed by 1 Globe Group has entered clinical trials of international multi-center phase III, becoming the first Chinese company to achieve the milestone of "China Intelligent Manufacturing".