Nanjing ​Xynomic Pharmaceuticals Holdings, Inc.

Xynomic Pharmaceuticals Holdings, Inc. is a oncology therapeutics biopharmaceutical Sino-American multinational corporation. Xynomic Pharma focus on in-licensing, developing and commercializing oncology drug candidates in China, US, and rest of the world. Lead by senior talents in the industry with support from world-class scientists and medical consultants, the corporation has partnerships with MNCs including Pharmacyclics/AbbVie, Boehringer Ingelheim and Janssen. 

Its current pipeline mainly consists of 3 drug candidates; Xynomic owns global exclusive development, manufacturing and commercialization rights to each of these. Its lead drug candidate abexinostat is in global potentially pivotal clinical trials against renal cell carcinoma (in combination with pazopanib) and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (as a single agent). Abexinostat has granted 2 Fast-Track designations from FDA. Xynomic’s XP-105 (BI 860585) is a Phase 2 ready, ATP-competitive mTORC1/2 inhibitor against solid tumors. Xynomic’s XP-102 (BI 882370) is a Phase 1 ready pan-RAF inhibitor.

Xynomic’s oncology pipeline of targeting cancers drug is leading the industry globally, especially on B-cell lymphoma and kidney cancer. The corporation plans to put abexinostat into market as a Class A New Drug in Chine in late 2022.