China Grand Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Holdings Limited

China Grand Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Holdings Limited (512.HK) is a diversified global pharmaceutical enterprise, principally engaged in research, development, manufacturing and sales of pharmaceutical products, advanced medical devices, specialized pharmaceutical ingredients, biotechnology products and nutritional products. Our core product portfolio cover several major therapeutic areas including respiratory and ENT, cardiovascular emergency products and advanced medical devices, bio-technology products and nutritional products. Our business is structured into four major segments, namely innovative medicines and medical devices with high barriers of entry, branded drugs, pharmaceutical ingredients and products, and nutritional products.

Grand Pharmaceutical (China) Co.,Ltd., the core enterprise of the Group, has been rated as the top 40 pharmaceutical enterprises of top 100 pharmaceutical enterprises in China; consecutively for many years. The Company has more than 8,000 knowledgeable and capable professionals, more than 60% of which are employees with master's degree or above. The Company has engaged a number of international professional drug R & D experts from the United States, New Zealand, Australia, India and other places and domestic and foreign experts in professionals as long-term consultants, so as to continuously achieve innovation and development.

We accumulate knowledge through extensive research and then apply our deep knowledge precisely. Going forward, the Group will continue enhancing the product pipeline in areas of core competency, continue attracting top R&D talents, increase investment in R&D spend, continue solidifying our leadership positions in areas of core competency, and fully leverage our three core strengths, namely precise and powerful business development capabilities at home and abroad, ability to introduce and fully implement international advanced technologies, excellent marketing and sales capabilities. These core strengths have be established over the past several years and are now unparalleled in China. The Group key focus will be on precision interventional therapy and anti-viral and anti-infection. While enhancing the Company own R&D capabilities, it will continue to actively explore opportunities for international mergers and acquisitions and in-licensing of advanced technologies and products and seek deep collaborations with top scientific research institutions around the world. Through both self-development and global expansion, we are committed to becoming a global pharmaceutical company, delivering on our promises for patients and doctors, and making significant contributions to society.