Nanjing Simcere Pharmaceutical Co.,LTD.

Nanjing Simcere Pharmaceutical Co.,LTD., is one of the earliest pharmaceutical enterprises in Jiangsu province that passed the national GMP certification, and is one of the pillar manufacturers of the national famous Simcere Pharmaceutical Group. Its main business is the production of new compound drugs or active ingredient drugs. It won the titles of Intelligent Workshopuo by Economy and Information Commission of Jiangsu Province and Smart Factory by Economy and Information Commission of Nanjing city. With  its technique of thermal sterilization, pure baked package integration, freeze drying process, preparation of water extract-alcohol precipitation technology and aseptic packaging, etc., the company ensures the safety and effectiveness of all kinds of dosage form drug production. Till now, it has 9 production workshops, 12 production lines, all of which have passed the new national GMP certification.
At present, the company has more than 50 product portfolios, focusing on anti-tumor, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, anti-infection, rheumatic immunity and other disease treatment fields.Among them, 3 are the first products to be listed in the world (Endur, Zhongflon, and Adesin), and 6 are the first products to be listed in China (Bicun, Zailin, Yingtai Green, Yeiqing, Jiebaishu, and Anxin).
Simcere providing today patients with medicines of the future.