Nanjing CART Medical Technology Co., Ltd

Established in July 2017, Nanjing CAR-T locates at 7th floor,Building D, 3-1 Xinjinhu Rd, Jiangbei New Area, Nanjing City with company space of 2200㎡and GMP lab of 1500㎡. It is equipped with international advanced level of instruments and equipment.
Nanjing CART Medical Technology Co., Ltd's main businesses are to develop and applicate oncology immune cell and gene therapy-related technologies and drugs, such as CAR-T, CAR-NK, and NK; to establish a library of tumor cell-specific mutant proteins, screen and enrich specific TIL cells for these mutations, conduct TIL cell therapy, and provide cutting-edge precision therapy for tumor patients, and provide other companies with CAR designs, including the 2nd, 3rd, 4th generation and new CAR design; packaging of CAR virus ; packaging concentration process, titration of virus titer; CAR function analysis, including cytokine release analysis, target cell specific killing analysis; CAR-T cell culture and other CRO services.
Nanjing CART Medical is committed to improve the effective rate, survival rate and life quality of patients with cancer by using different methods of immunotherapy.
With its development of new immunotherapy products with independent intellectual property rights, more patients will benefit from the rapid scientific progress. At the same time, the company provides scientific research and clinical medical research colleagues with CAR-T design, evaluation, virus packaging, CAR-T cell culture, clinical application and other comprehensive scientific research services, in order to accelerate the speed of CAR-T research and development, to benefit more cancer patients. Nanjing CAR-T aspires to be the world's leading national enterprise in the field of oncology immunotherapy.