KnoinDX Biotech Co., Ltd

KnoinDX was established in 2020. As a R&D and technology-driven molecular diagnostic company, KnoinDX has independently developed technologies for rapid detection of common pathogens and comprehensive detection of acute and critical infections around the two cutting-edge technology platforms of multiplex PCR and metagenomic sequencing (mNGS). Overall solution. Through a series of breakthrough technologies such as unique broken nucleic acid extraction technology, human source dehost technology, multiple PCR primer design algorithm, pg-level nucleic acid amplification technology, pathogen database compression algorithm, intelligent data analysis and report interpretation system, etc. Industry-leading pathogen detection capabilities.

The core team of KnoinDX comes from industry leaders such as BGI, Berry Genomics, Vazyme, and Brbiotech. It has core competitiveness in product development and channel development. KnoinDX has cooperated closely with many domestic first-class medical institutions to create pathogen artificial intelligence based on big data. Diagnostic systems and services. The company has built and put into production a number of pathogen testing laboratories, and promoted its business in a direct operation + agency model. At present, KnoinDX's business has expanded to more than ten provinces and cities across the country, and more than 100 third-class hospitals.

KnoinDX is committed to being a trusted global leader in pathogen diagnosis, allowing simple and reliable pathogen diagnosis technology to benefit 200 million patients. In the future, KnoinDX will use this financing to focus on promoting product registration, strengthening new product research and development and business development, and provide simple and reliable pathogenic microorganism detection products and services for clinical use.