KAEDI BioMed Co., Ltd.

KAEDI BioMed Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Nanjing BPV, Jiangbei New Area, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, which integrates scientific research, NGS clinical diagnosis, CAR-T R & D and medical services. The company focuses on personalized CAR-T combined with immunobiological precision medical guidance for cancer patients, with clinical bioinformatics and second-generation sequencing (NGS) as the core, and is committed to building a well-known precision medical enterprise with personalized cancer treatment, clinical gene detection and scientific research services. 

KAEDI BioMed Co., Ltd. has the world's top level of the 4th generation, 5th generation CAR-T, 2nd generation CAR-Tank and UCART technologies, equipped with first class medical bioinformatics analysis software platform, the world's leading level of tumor molecular and pathological detection platform, monoclonal antibody drug development platform covers all kinds of tumor, leukemia and lymphoma, CAR-T molecular design and development, antibody drug development, NGS clinical diagnosis and NGS cloud data clinical detection platform. It has a senior team in gene editing, cellular immunity, antibody development, bioinformatics, clinical tumor treatment management and operation management.