Nanjing Transthera and Partners Announce TT-00420 Preclinical Study Data at the 2022 American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Sarcoma Symposium

Recently, the research results of cutting-edge pharmaceutical companies in the NJBPV of Jiangbei New Area have frequently appeared on the international academic stage, attracting the attention of scholars around the world and demonstrating their international strength. On May 19, the preclinical study data of TT-00420 in the indication of osteosarcoma, jointly conducted by Transthera and Shanghai Institute of Bone and Tumor, were announced at the 2022 American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Sarcoma Special Meeting. This report was presented in the form of an online report by Dr. Hua Yingqi, director of the Shanghai Institute of Bone and Tumor.

Research Background

Osteosarcoma (OS) is the most common pediatric bone tumor. There is currently no effective treatment for patients with osteosarcoma, especially those with high-risk osteosarcoma. c-Myc, one of the most common activated proto-oncogenes, is often amplified/overexpressed in OS patients and strongly associated with poor prognosis in OS patients with lower 5-year overall survival of the disease.

This was also confirmed by a retrospective analysis of the correlation between c-Myc gene amplification/overexpression and patient prognosis by the Shanghai Institute of Bone and Tumor. TT-00420 is a selective and focused small molecule multi-targeted kinase inhibitor with a new mechanism, mainly targeting Aurora A/B, VEGFRs, FGFRs, JAKs and CSF1R, etc., and has been in preclinical studies of triple-negative breast cancer It was proved that it can down-regulate the expression of c-Myc. Therefore, in this study, by evaluating the antitumor activity of TT-00420 in c-Myc amplified/overexpressed OS at the cellular level and in the PDX model, to explore whether TT-00420 can inhibit the growth of OS by downregulating c-Myc, which is useful for clinical The test provides the basis.

Analysis conclusion

TT-00420 exhibits excellent activity against c-Myc-overexpressing OS tumors both in vitro and in vivo by downregulating c-Myc expression, suggesting its potential as a novel monotherapy for the treatment of c-Myc-overexpressing tumors. OS. Currently, an investigator-initiated trial is underway in China to evaluate the safety and tolerability of TT-00420 in c-Myc-overexpressing OS patients (ChiCTR2000036618).

About TT-00420

TT-00420 has currently carried out a number of single or combined oncology clinical trials in China and the United States, and has been granted Orphan-Drug Designation and Fast Track Designation by the FDA for the treatment of cholangiocarcinoma in 2019 and 2021, respectively.

About Transthera

Transthera is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company oriented by clinical needs. Through independent research and development and open cooperation, it focuses on the discovery and development of small molecule innovative therapies in the fields of tumor, inflammation and cardiovascular diseases. The company will continue to rely on the advantages of the small molecule innovative R&D platform to continuously expand product pipelines and indications, and focus on solving unmet clinical needs worldwide.