Congrats!The first domestic occluder, the Sealmed Medical Maihe™ hemostatic system for pulse closure, officially approved for marketing!

Recently, MaiheTM, the "hemostatic system for pulse closure" of Nanjing SealMed Medical Technology Co., Ltd. , an enterprise in NJBPV has obtained the registration certificate for Class III medical devices issued by the State Drug Administration. - National Instruments Note 20223130182, adding another member of high-end medical devices in NJBPV, is also a milestone in breaking the import monopoly, providing a powerful vascular occlusion weapon for interventional doctors.

The occlusion of the femoral artery puncture point is an important part of the end of vascular interventional surgery. The "hemostatic system for pulse closure" Maihe TM adheres to the design concept of "The greatest truths are the simplest,Mailuo Anhe", and provides simple, easy-to-use, safe and effective for clinical use and vascular access products. The system greatly reduces coagulation time and patient bedtime, and providing a new clinical solution for vascular puncture point closure.

Scope of application of the hemostatic system for pulse closure

For femoral artery occlusion and hemostasis in patients with femoral artery puncture;

Application areas:neurointervention, peripheral intervention, coronary intervention and other interventional vascular fields.

The working principle of the hemostatic system of pulse closure

The blood sealing plug is pushed to the femoral artery puncture point through the delivery sheath, and seals the puncture point, promotes blood coagulation, and completely and quickly blocks the blood flow.

The blood sealing plug is a bioabsorbable material, which is mostly hydrolyzed within 30 days and completely absorbed within 60-90 days.

Nanjing SealMed Medical Technology Co., Ltd. has adhered to the concept of "pragmatic, efficient, innovative, and enterprising" since its establishment, and has built a research and development system composed of domestic and foreign experts, domestic universities and clinical hospitals which is a professional team integrating management, R&D, production and marketing. The company is committed to continuous innovation, focusing on the research, development, production and market development of medical devices for neurointerventional therapy, providing doctors with inclusive medical solutions that can save and reshape patients' lives or improve their quality of life. The approval of the registration certificate will lay the foundation for the company's research and development system, open the market circulation license for the company, and provide momentum for the company's innovation and development.

Next, NJBPV will further play the role of a public service platform for registration and application, provide enterprises with a full range of professional services, and build the platform into a helper and a promoter of innovation for enterprises, so as to contribute to the high-quality development of the biomedical industry in the new area.