Nanjing SuperAccuracy (ZhongKe) Technology Ultra-precision radiotherapy information and image management software obtained the medical device registration certificate!

Recently, KylinRay-OIMS, the “radiation therapy information and image management software” developed by SuperAccuracy (ZhongKe) Ultra-precision (Nanjing) Technology Co., Ltd, an enterprise in NJBPV, has been approved by the Jiangsu Provinvial Drug Administration. KylinRay-OIMS has officially landed in the tumor radiotherapy market, becoming an independent brand of radiotherapy product that implement the innovative information management of the entire radiotherapy business.

KylinRay-OIMS is an important part of the "Kylin Knife" tumor precision radiation therapy software and hardware integrated solution. It is another registration certificate obtained by SuperAccuracy(Zhongke) Ultra-prescion Technology Co., Ltd. KylinRay-OIMS aims to create a smart radiotherapy information system that is suitable for China's clinical using habits, meets the requirements of China's medical system, and ensures the safety of Chinese people's health data. It can effectively integrate radiotherapy peripheral software and hardware, support inter-hospital communication, break radiotherapy information barriers, and make radiotherapy ecological. The integrated construction has been practically implemented to meet the growing clinical treatment needs, ensure the efficient and high-quality delivery of radiotherapy, and greatly increase the revenue of the department. Based on "Internet + radiotherapy", KylinRay-OIMS provides important solutions for multi-center radiotherapy process standardization, data standardization, and quality control integration, which is conducive to the sharing of my country's advantageous medical resources.

SuperAccuracy(Zhongke) Ultra-prescion(Nanjing) Technology Co., Ltd. takes "becoming the world's leading radiotherapy group, curing cancer and protecting health" as its vision and "accurate protection, endless life" as its mission, and develops the world's leading "Kylin Knife" tumor precision radiation. The treatment system solves the problem of "stuck neck" of domestic high-end radiotherapy products, and contributes scientific and technological strength to the implementation of the "Healthy China" strategy.

SOURCE:SuperAccuracy(Zhongke) Ultra-precision