Nanjing GENESEEQ passed the EMQN Oncogene Panel inter-laboratory quality assessment with full score!

Recently, EMQN announced the results of the inter-laboratory quality assessment of the 2021 Oncogene Panel. This inter-laboratory quality assessment is an EQA project carried out by EMQN to evaluate the ability of global laboratories to detect gene mutations in solid tumor tissues. GENESEEQ, an enterprise in NJBPV, used the self-developed Geneseeq No. 1® Large Panel to participate in this evaluation and achieved full marks. So far, Geneseeq has passed 60 EMQN inter-laboratory quality assessments with excellent results over 6 years. It is proved that Geneseeq has reached international standards in terms of the accuracy of test results, the standardization of quality management, and the professionalism of testing services.

About EMQN

European Molecular Genetics Quality Network (EMQN) is an international non-profit organization specialized in providing inter-laboratory quality evaluation for molecular genetics clinical laboratories around the world.It is dedicated to standardizing and advancing the quality of molecular genetics clinical testing worldwide. The institution is accredited by the "UK Royal Accreditation Service" (UKAS) and the "Accreditation Criteria for Proficiency Testing Providers" (ISO17043), and its inter-laboratory quality assessment activities are one of the highest accreditation standards for molecular genetics clinical laboratories in the world. 


GENESEEQ has established translational medicine centers of more than 10,000 square meters in China and Canada, and established Shihe medical testing laboratories in Nanjing, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou respectively. Each laboratory strictly implements the quality control process of sample testing, information analysis and report interpretation. At present, it has obtained the triple international authoritative certification of CAP, CLIA and ISO15189. At the same time, it actively participates in domestic and international capability assessment projects, and has passed NCCL, PQCC, CAP, EMQN and other domestic and foreign authoritative institutions for inter-laboratory quality assessment at a high level over 355 times, established a quality management system that meets international standards.