Congrats! Medomics’s COVID antigen self-test product entered the French white list!

On January 11, COVID antigen self-test kit of Medomics's, an enterprise in NJBPV, has officially passed the registration certification of the French white list, which means that the COVID antigen self-test kit of Medomics can be officially sold in France. Previously, Medomics's COVID antigen products have obtained registration certification in many countries and regions, providing strong support for the prevention and control of the global COVID epidemic.

The fact that Medomics's COVID antigen self-test products can be registered in France is a great recognition of the quality of Medomics's products, which fully shows that Medomics's antigen testing products have outstanding performance in terms of accuracy, specificity and stability. This approval in France is another milestone for Medomics's to be recognized in major markets around the world. Medomics will be registered and certified in many countries in the future, and will create products that can stand the test with a strong quality system.