TransThera significant milestone! TT-01025 submitted to FDA recently.

TransThera(Enterprise in the NJBPV) and LG Chem’s subsidiary life and science company jointly announced that the clinical application for TT-01025 was submitted to the FDA on Oct 23rd 2020. It is reported TT-01025 is the third completely independent R&D project with international originality since the establishment of TransThera.

TT-01025 is a novel semicarbazide sensitive amine oxidase / vascular adhesion protein 1 (SSAO / VAP-1) inhibitor, can be treated with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). LG Chem and TransThera reached an exclusive licensed agreement, which has obtained the right to research, development, producing and sales of TT-01025 in the global region except Greater China Area and Japan.

Dr. Wu Yongqian, the chairman and CEO of TransThera, commented:
The cooperation project, TT-01025, between TransThera and LG Chem has reached a significant milestone. Hearty congratulations to the two teams on the high quality of the collaboration in such a fast and collaborative way.

Dr. jeewoong son, President of LG Chem’s life and sciences company, said:
We are very pleased that the IND application of TT-01025 was much earlier than our planned schedule. This is the result of sincere cooperation between the two sides, and it is also the first important milestone after the cooperation. We are well prepared to start phase 1 clinical trials immediately in the US as soon as the IND approval.