Overview of Nanjing Bio-tech and pharmaceutical Valley

I.Regional planning and development

In March 2010, Nanjing Municipal Party Committee and Government decided to take the biomedical and pharmaceutical industry as a strategic emerging industry in Nanjing, and made it clear that the Nanjing Biotech and Pharmaceutical Valley(herein after “NJBPV”) would be built on the basis of the biomedical industry in the former plan laid out by Nanjing High Tech Zone, with the goal of building a biomedical R & D innovation and industrial base. In March 2011, NJBPV was officially approved to set up, and started regional planning and infrastructure construction. In February 2013, the building construction of 95,000 square meters in the first phase started. In April 2015, the first phase of infrastructure construction was completed and delivered with an area of 95,000 square meters, officially opening regional investment promotion and industrial development.

NJBPV is located at the foot of Longwang mountain with beautiful natural view around. It is planned to start with the area of 14.92 square kilometers, where is divided into R&D area and manufacturing area. R&D area covers an area of 8.1 square kilometers, which centers on R & D innovation incubation and industrial chain of biomedicine. The industrial chain runs through R & D incubation, pilot test, production, headquarters office and sales settlement. It has initially built professional incubation building, accelerator building, business office building, exhibition center, public technology platform for biomedical detection and analysis, animal experiment center, pilot scale-up platform for key technologies and other professional facilities. The software and hardware environment for biomedical R & D innovation, incubation, pilot scale-up, office, business exhibition and so on is increasingly improved. The manufacture area covers an area of 6.82 square kilometers. It is planned to be mainly used for the construction and production of innovative scale-up enterprises as well as supporting R & D, office and other comprehensive bases. In addition, the park also focuses on the construction of GMP compliant plants and GSP compliant pharmaceutical warehousing and logistics centers in the region to meet the needs of integration of R & D, production and office functions of fast-growing science and technology enterprises.

By the end of 2020, in R&D area, 900,000+ m2 of real estate such as incubator, accelerator, R&D headquarters building, business center, exhibition center and office building have been built and put in use in the R&D area, and 400,000+ m2 are under construction. In manufacturing area, 200,000+ m2 of standard workshops and single building headquarters, and 160,000 m2 is under construction, to meet the needs of R&D, production, office and other integrated functions of fast-growing technology enterprises. By the end of 2020, 29 enterprises have settled in the manufacturing area, and nearly 1.1 million m2 of comprehensive functional properties have been built.

Nanjing Biotech and Pharmaceutical Valley attaches great importance to new drug R & D industry. In order to introduce and cultivate new drug R & D enterprises, it focuses on the construction and improvement of public technology and service platform for pre-clinical detection and analysis of new drug R & D. in the links of small molecule drug screening, animal disease model, pharmacodynamics research, pharmacology and toxicology research, clinical trials, etc. The public technology and service platform built by NJBPV integrates the resources of the park and Nanjing universities/ research institutes, third-party CRO, CDMO and other service enterprises, forming a relatively complete new drug R & D industry chain and technical service system.

II.Industrial development

Till the end of December 2020, NJBPV has gathered 800+ biomedical and medical health enterprises, mainly covering: drug R & D and production, R & D and production of medical devices (including in vitro diagnostic reagents), biomedical R & D services (CRO), and third-party medical testing services. NJBPV has 94 Enterprises above Designated Size with an annual income of 20 million yuan, including 11 enterprises with an annual income of 1 billion yuan, 32 enterprises with an annual income of 100 million yuan, more than 120 high-tech enterprises and 15 service enterprises with advanced technology.

The park has gathered more than 120 leading science and technology entrepreneurship talents, 29 innovative entrepreneurs, 14 talents of Jiangsu "entrepreneurship and innovation plan", and 16 national talents from overseas high-level talent introduction plan.

NJBPV has independently cultivated 6 listed companies on main board including Kingfriend pharmaceutical, Simcere pharmaceutical, Pharmablock technology, Nanjing Micro-tech medicine, Getein bio-tech and Well pharmaceutical, and 20+ enterprises have got invested from listed companies in them. It is estimated that by the end of 2023, 10+ domestic A-share listed companies will be added, a number of innovative and high growth listed companies will be cultivated, and the three-in-one combination of "old, middle-aged and young" enterprise echelon including listed companies, leading enterprises in high growth industries and emerging technology start-ups will be gradually formed.

III.Industrial Focus

NJBPV focuses on the development of industrialization of new drug R & D and high-end medical devices represented by gene molecular diagnosis. In particular, new drug research and development, the enterprises that have already settle the base in NJBPV, covering nucleic acid drugs, gene therapy, cell therapy, new antibody drugs and other frontier emerging biotechnology fields. It has introduced a number of new drug research and development enterprises in early period to advance the layout of Frontier emerging technology industries and fields that may form future industry development hot spots. Among them, the cell and gene therapy fields have initially formed certain industrial clusters. The first echelon enterprises in the domestic CAR-T and U CAR-T fields, IASO BIO medical and BIO Heng biology, are independently cultivated by the park. In the fields of new antibody drugs and nucleic acid drugs, the R & D Progress of Leads Biolab, Regenecore biology, Immunophagy biology, Auro Biology and other companies are in the forefront of relevant fields.