Chronicle of events of Nanjing Biotech and Pharmaceutical Valley

 | Big Events of 2020
►On January 12, Nanjing Biotech and Pharmaceutical Valley of Jiangbei New Area appeared in the "2020 China focus @ San Francisco forum" of JPMorgan health industry conference, which came from the world's top multinational pharmaceutical companies, investment institutions, Chinese leading enterprises, and medical innovation enterprises to share opportunities, discuss cooperation, and seek common development.
►From January to February, in the battle against COVID-19, Nanjing Biotech and Pharmaceutical Valley was in the front. 30 enterprises were involved in the "Scientific Research and Anti-epidemic ". COVID-19 and nucleic acid detection and treatment monitoring kit were successfully developed by Geneseeq, Practical Medicine, Medomics, Diacarta; Kingmed (Jiangsu's first) and Dinfectome were awarded the third party designated institutions of COVID-19 nucleic acid detection. We cooperated with Zhong Nanshan academician laboratory to develop new pneumonia diagnosis and treatment products.
►On March 7th, TT-00920, a novel small-molecule inhibitor independently developed by TransThera for the treatment of chronic heart failure, successfully completed the first phase I clinical administration in healthy patients in the U.S. clinical base.
►In March, Iaso Bio, an enterprise in the park, completed round B financing of US $60 million, led by Highland venture capital.
►On April 24, Tengchen Bio settled in the biomedical valley of Jiangbei New Area.
►On April 29, 14 enterprises of Nanjing Biotech and Pharmaceutical Valley were selected as unicorn and gazelle enterprises in Nanjing in 2020, and the park was awarded excellent carrier of cultivation work.
►On May 6, Academician Liu Zhihong from the National Center for clinical medical research of kidney disease visited and investigated NJBPV.
►On May 8, the Chinese headquarters of Xynomic Pharmaceuticals Holdings, Inc. was settled in Biomedicine Valley, Jiangbei New Area.
►On May 18, Jiangbei New Area signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with Nanjing Medical University and the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University. The life and health office, biomedical public service platform, Nanjing Medical University and the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University cooperated to build a multi omics R & D center and clinical transformation platform.
►On June 3, Mr. Hui Jianlin, vice governor of Jiangsu Province, visited the Bio-Pharmaceutical Valley Company.
►On June 5, Qu Futian, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the provincial people's Congress, and his party came to the NJBPV of Jiangbei New Area to carry out the Legislative Research on the provincial regulations on traditional Chinese medicine (Draft).
►On June 22, Nanjing Biotech and Pharmaceutical Valley released the science and technology innovation map, which takes the life cycle of enterprise development as the main line and provides suggestions and guidance to start-ups, growing enterprises and mature enterprises, so as to improve the ability of science and technology innovation.
►On June 23, led by Tian Zhigang, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, the cooperation project between Nanjing Tiangang Institute of immunomedicine and hepatin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was settled in the NJBPV of Jiangbei New Area.
►In June, Dr. Fang Nan, the founder of the park's enterprise Singleron Bio, was honored on Forbes China's "women in science and technology list".
►On July 14, Chen Xingying, vice governor of Jiangsu Province, and his party investigated the valley.
►On July 14, Hope Medicine HMI-115 antibody new drug started the China Europe International multi center clinical research.
►On July 17, Huapu Bio, the pioneer of adjuvant vaccine, settled in NJBPV.
►On July 20, the 2020 BPIT biopharmaceutical innovation technology conference was solemnly opened under the guidance of Nanjing Jiangbei New Area. Chen Kaixian, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and nearly 100 authoritative leaders of domestic biological innovative drugs, hundreds of leading Biopharmaceutical Enterprises, and more than 1000 elites in the pharmaceutical industry participated in the event, and dozens of innovative drug technologies appeared collectively.
►On July 30, the first class 1 innovative drug in the park, Xiansheng Dongyuan xianbixin (edaravone and dextromethor for injection) was approved for marketing.
►On August 13, the R&D, production service and industrialization project of Pharmablock CDMO, an enterprise in the park, was settled in Jiangbei New Area new material science and technology park.
►On August 18, TransThera, an enterprise in the park, and life science company of LGChem, a fortune 500 enterprise in the world, reached a global exclusive development authorization and cooperation agreement on TransThera TT-01025.
►On August 29, Han liming, mayor of Nanjing, visited the NJBPV and presided over the office scheduling meeting of "chain leader system" and the development promotion meeting of new R&D institutions of new medicine and life health industry chain.
►On September 4, Inxmed, an enterprise in the park, announced the completion of A + round financing of 130 million yuan.
►On September 10, the foundation of the new hospital district of the Affiliated Middle University Affiliated to the Southeast University in NJBPV was started.
►In September, the park enterprise Gempharmatech completed the pre IPO round financing of RMB 400million.
►On September 17, the public service platform of cell and gene drug technology in Jiangbei New Area was completed and opened, and Jiangsu Celyee technology research institute was also unveiled.
►On September 22, the biopharmaceutical industry innovation forum of the sub forum of the 2020 Nanjing international new medicine and Life Health Industry Investment Summit, CO sponsored by the BPV of Nanjing Jiangbei New Area and the editorial board of pharmaceutical progress, was held.
►On October 15, the Jiangsu Branch of Nanjing 2020 national mass entrepreneurship and innovation week was opened, and NJBPV was awarded the "new overseas Chinese innovation and entrepreneurship base of Jiangsu Federation of overseas Chinese".
►On October 27, Simcere (stock code of Hong Kong Stock Exchange: 2096. HK), an enterprise in the JBPV Park of Jiangbei New Area, was officially listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange.
►On November 6, the Institute of translational medicine of Nanjing Medical University (Jiangsu Institute of translational medicine) signed a formal settlement agreement with the biomedical valley of Jiangbei New Area.
►On December 10, the project of research and development and industrialization of China Grand Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Holdings mRNA tumor vaccine was signed to the biomedical valley of Jiangbei New Area.
►On December 8, the Ministry of industry and information technology announced the final list of national public service demonstration platforms for SMEs in 2020. Nanjing Jiangbei New Area biomedical public service platform Co., Ltd. ranked first, becoming the first national public service demonstration platform for small and medium-sized enterprises in Jiangbei New Area.

 | Big Events of 2019
►On January 7, Nanjing Biotech and Pharmaceutical Valley made a wonderful appearance at China Nanjing (San Francisco) Industrial Development Exchange Conference.
►On January 8, TransThera TT-00420 project achieved the milestone of the first patient enrolled in the United States. The clinical drug is proposed to treat triple negative breast cancer or other advanced solid tumors.
►On January 12, the Institute of artificial intelligence biomedical technology of Nanjing University signed a contract to settle in the NJBPV of Jiangbei New Area.
►On February 12, the public service platform for gene and cell technology was located inNJBPV.
►On April 8, the enterprises in the park and Hope Medicine announced that they had signed a global exclusive license agreement with Bayer AG for the development and industrialization of monoclonal antibodies targeting prolactin receptor, and announced the completion of round A financing.
►On May 12, the National Biotechnology and drug industry measurement and testing center was located in NJBPV.
►On May 15, Sino EU cooperation in Nanjing Shengde medical implantable heart valve project was settled in NJBPV of Jiangbei New Area.
►On May 24, the Nanjing Institute of molecular medicine of Peking University was inaugurated in Nanjing. Zhang Jinghua, member of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee and Secretary of the municipal Party committee, and Hao ping, President of Peking University, attended the ceremony. Accompanied by Luo Qun, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and full-time Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Jiangbei New Area, President Hao ping also inspected the Nanjing Institute of molecular medicine of Peking University, which is located in NJBPV of Jiangbei New Area.
►In May, TransThera, an enterprise in the park, received 160 million yuan of round A financing.
► On June 18, the comprehensive strategic cooperation between Jiangbei New Area and Harvard bidmc hospital was launched. The medical science and technology cooperation center of Harvard bidmc hospital and the Sino US Center for translational research of precision medicine were officially launched as early start projects of strategic cooperation and settled in NJBPV of Jiangbei New Area.
►On June 19, the project of Institute of medical immunology technology of Provincial Industry Research Institute was settled in NJBPV of Jiangbei New Area.
►On June 22, the first Nanjing "brain intelligence" international seminar and 2019 Nanjing brain science optical imaging technology training course opened, attended by academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences Guo Aike, Zhang Xu, Cheng Heping, etc.
►On June 26, the international diagnosis and treatment center for digestive system diseases and cancer and the strong new technology intelligent medical research center jointly established by Jiangbei New Area and 1globe group were unveiled.
►On July 4, the Institute of nonlinear science and technology, led by Huang e, a foreign academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, landed in the biomedical valley of Jiangbei New Area.
►On July 22, China's capital market ushered in a historic moment, and the science and technology innovation board officially opened. Micro-tech, an enterprise in the park, became one of the first batch of 25 listed enterprises, and also the first enterprise in Nanjing to land on the science and technology innovation board.
►On July 30, " kylin Ray" project of precision radiotherapy system of Chinese Academy of Sciences was settled in NJBPV of Jiangbei New Area.
►On September 27, Minsheng Tongli biomedical incubator, industry fund and the first batch of landing incubation projects settled in the biomedical valley of Jiangbei New Area, and joined hands to build a world-class incubator.
►On October 20, the annual meeting of China brain imaging alliance and the global science and technology innovation cooperation forum under the background of free trade zone were held in Jiangbei New Area of Nanjing. Chen Lin, Cheng Heping and Lu Lin, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Gao Jiahong, chairman of the China brain imaging alliance, and more than 300 experts and scholars in the field of brain imaging at home and abroad attended the event.
►On October 28, Nanjing Keda Institute of immunomedicine, led by Tian Zhigang, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, landed in the biomedical valley of Jiangbei New Area.
►On November 7, TransThera, an enterprise in the park, announced that TT-00420, the first clinical product independently developed by the company, was awarded the status of "orphan drug" by FDA to treat cholangiocarcinoma.
► "Leading the life technology enpowering health industry". On December 9, the 2019 Nanjing international life and health science and technology conference was grandly opened.
►On December 17, TransThera, an enterprise in the park, announced that TT-00920, a new small molecule drug independently developed by the company for chronic heart failure, was approved by FDA IND clinical trial.
►On December 20, the cooperation project between China (Nanjing) cell Valley and Avalon globocare Corp., a NASDAQ listed company in the United States, for cell preparation and quality system construction of cell resource library was settled in NJBPV.
►In December, Geneseeq, an enterprise in the park, completed 800 million yuan of financing, creating a single round of RMB financing record for the industry.

 | Big Events of 2018
►In Feb, Sinapharm Group Jiangsu signed with BPV to settle its headquarter and Modern Logistics Center to BPV.

►On Feb 4th, Longyao Bio settled projects of cell therapy and Big Health Industry Fund to BPV.

►In March, BPV was awarded with Advanced Unit of Nanjing Modern Service Industry Cluster Area.

►On Apr 23rd,Nobel Prize into BOV, the report meeting of latest research progress in the pharmaceutical industry was held in BPV. Professor Shapley, the Nobel Prize winner, shared his latest research and application results.

►On May 2nd,Huapu Bio settled in BPV to build its Global Operating Headquarter.

►In June, BPV showed up on China·Nanjing Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum(Boston&Silicon Valley).

►On June 7th,BPV signed strategic cooperation agreement with the innovation community Bio-Generator, St.Louis to mutually incubate and build an investment exchange platform for companies to go global.

►On June 9th,China Cell Valley officially settled in BPV.

►On June 14th,Mr.Zhang Jinghua, member of JS Standing Committee and Secretary of NJ Municipal Standing Committee investigated Nanjing IASO BIO, a cutting-age company of Cellular Immunotherapy industry.

►On June 23rd,Mr.Lan Shaomin, Mayor of Nanjing visited few companies in BPV, including MICRO TECH, Kingfriend and National Resource Center of Model Mice and investigated the development of bio-pharmaceutical industry in NJ Jiangbei New Area.

►On June 26th,BPV made a special promotion at the first Nanjing New R&D Institutions Innovative Development Summit.

►On June 29th,Eneseem started its Chinese headquarter building and held the cornerstone laying ceremony in BPV.

►On July 26th,3SBIO, which settled in BPV went public listing in NEEQ.

►On Sept 6th,BPV signed 8 major projects with a total investment of 8,600 million yuan at 2018 China(Nanjing) Golden Autumn Economic and Trade Fair.

►On Sept 17th,the strategic cooperation signature ceremony between Jiangbei New Area and Taiwan Enrollment Promoting Association in BPV.

►On Sept 17th,Canadian Medical Project Exchange Fair was held in BPV.

►On Sept 30th,the“EGFR/ALK/ROS1/BRAF/KRAS/HER2 Gene mutation detection kit”of Eneseem Medical Device,which settles in BPV, was approved for marketing. This product was the first lung cancer full-drug-target-covered NGS testing kit.

►On Oct 17th,The Innovation Center of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Technology settled in BPV. This center is lead by Gu Xiaosong, Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and his team.

►In Oct, BPV won the hosting of 2020 World Life Science Conference.

►On Nov 22nd,Mr.Zhang Jinghua, member of JS Standing Committee and Secretary of NJ Municipal Standing Committee investigated Kingmed Diagnosis, which settles in BPV.

►In Nov, the Tumor-specific Protein 70 testing kit(ELISA) was specially approved by NMPA. This kit was developed by Code Bio which settles in BPV.

►In Nov, the new Life Science Innovation Center settles in BPV of Jiangbei New Area.

►In Dec, the project of The Building and Clinical Application of Transendoscopic Miniatura Ultrasound Diagnosis and Treatment System won 2nd prize of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology. This project was created by MICRO TECH, which settles in BPV.

►In Dec, PharmaBlock started building its R&D platform of New Drug Molecule Block  and Craft.
 | Big Events of 2017
►On Jan 9th,Nanjing Biomedical Research Institute of Nanjing University won 2nd prize of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology.

►In Ja,PharmaBlock R&D and Industrialization team for new drug molecule fragment was selected as 2016 Nanjing Hi-caliber Talent Team.

►In Feb, Doc Xi Jiefeng, chief scientist of MICRO TECH won Siebel Scholar Award as one of 93 global winners.

►In Feb, 2017 Enmore Biology Conference(EBC)was held in Nanjing with total1300+participants, including experts, scholars and entrepreneurs. At this conference, BPV won The Life Science Park with Best Service of 2016.

►In Mar, Nanjing IASO BIO industrialization project of Car-T call therapy settled in BPV where the signing ceremony was held in.

►On Mar 21st,the first event of 2017China(Nanjing)·China and France Industrial Cooperation and Exchange Conference was held in BPV. This event is Informal Talks of Investment Policy and Projects for Nanjing Jiangbei New Area Key Enterprises. Ms.Zhao Baige, member of standing committee and vice director of Foreign Affairs Committee of NPC attended and visited the BPV Business Service Center and few companies in BPV.

►In Apr, BPV Service Industry Cluster won Nanjing Advanced Unit of Service Industry Cluster.

►In Apr, Jiangsu V care officially settled in BPV with a total investment of almost 20 million yuan and project land area of about 20 mu (1.4 acres). 

►On Jul 6th,Big Academy and Institute’s Journey in Jiangsu (BPV) and Bio-pharmaceutical Industry Innovation, Investment and Financing Summit was held in BPV.

►On Jul 19th,Nanjing Kingfriend, a BPV company was listed was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange.

►On Aug 10th,BPV and Biomedomics,Inc. signed the cooperation agreement for the product platform of Sino-US Medical Diagnosis and Device.

►On Sept 1st,BPV signed cooperation agreement with Jiangsu Suzhong Pharma to build the Jiangsu Suzhong Pharma Institute.

►On Sept 13rd,China (Nanjing) Golden Autumn Economic and Trade Fair and Healthy China—2017 Nanjing Bio-pharmaceutical Innovative Development Summit was held in BPV.

►In Sept, BPV won the title of Jiangsu Business Imbark Base for HongKong and Macao Youth.

►On Oct 19th,Mr. Ma Qiulin, the vice governor of Jiangsu Province and others visited and investigated Nanjing Kingfriend, a BPV company.

►On Nov 10th,Nanjing PharmaBlock, a BPV company was successfully listed on GEM.

►In Nov, BPV Convention and Exhibition Center won the Luban Prize for Construction Project, which is the highest honor of national construction project.

►On Nov 28th,Humanized Model Drug Screening Innovation Institute, a New research and development institution settled in BPV.

►In Dec, Eneseem started its global strategy plan and its expansion plan of Toronto, Canada experimental center.

►In Dec, BPV was one of eight candidates of national areas and won the title of Most Attractive Industrial Area according to the result of 2017 China Life Health Industry List.

►In Dec, BPV special service base of testing and certification center was horned as Jiangsu Special Base of Science and technology Service Industry.
 | Big Events of 2016
►In Jan, National Ministry of Science and Technology has completed its announcement that BPV Construction and Development Co., Ltd. will be designated as a national science and technology business incubator in 2015.

►In Jan, BPV and Bank of Nanjing Jiangbei Branch officially signed the strategic cooperation agreement in Nanjing High-tech Zone, which kicked off the comprehensive strategic cooperation between BPV and Bank of Nanjing.

►In Jan, the first phase of BPV R&D Building won the 2014~2015 National Quality Engineering Award, which was assessed by China Construction Enterprise Management Association.

►In Dec, BPV started Nanjing Bio-pharmaceutical Public Service Platform Alliance.

 | Big Events of 2015
►On Mar 4th,Korean Materials&Analysis Corporation(K-MAC)settled in Nanjing BPV.

►In Jun 2015, the new drug R&D team from Nanjing PharmaBlock, which settles in BPV, was honored as The Fourth Installment Key Chinese Start-up Teams of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, as the only start-up candidate from Nanjing.

►On Sept 8th,Nanjing Kingmed Medical Laboratory of Kingmed Diagnosis Group settled in BPV where the signing ceremony was held in.

►On Sept 18th,the national·Nanjing speaking tour of Professional Information Leading Innovation & Internationalization of Chinese Pharma Companies was held in BPV by BPV Development Center and Nanjing Society of Biomedical Engineering.

►On Dec 3rd,Nutrition and Health—Innovative Business Service Base was unveiled, which was built under the lead of Jiangsu Nutrition Society and Nanjing Medical University with the support of BPV.

►On Dec 9th,the signing ceremony of Jiangsu Science and Technology Service into Industrial Park Cooperation Project — One-stop Testing Public Service Platform Bio-pharmaceutical Professional Service Station was held in Nanjing, which marks another new service function of BPV. This station is committed to building the main position of bio-pharmaceutical industry innovation-driven.

 | Big Events of 2014
►On Feb 19th,Mr.Du Kaiyuan, Director of Sino-US Maryland Technology Parkand others visited BPV.

►On Feb 27th,Mr.Rossetti, the Development Director of Italian Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena led delegation of the 5th Italian IBPO Economic and Tradeto BPV and investigated few companies.

►On Mar 5th,a cultural delegation visited and investigated BPV led by Mr.Fleming·Mortensen, president of Cultural Committee of Denmark Parliament and senator of social democratic party, and Mr.Pei Desheng, Danish ambassador to China.

►On Mar 20th,Susanna, Commercial Counselor of the Danish Embassy in China, led the entrepreneurs of the Danish Green Alliance to Nanjing high-tech zone and visit to discuss the progress of cooperation and exchange.

►On Mar 27th,Mr.Ju Hua, deputy commander of Jiangsu Military Region, came to BPV for research.

►On Jun 27th,BPV Business Service Center was officially put into operation.

►On Sept 15th,the Swiss economic delegation visited BPV led by Mr.Schlumbo, Consul General of the Swiss Consulate General in Shanghai, and Mr.Lu Xingan, Chairman of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.

►On 20~21 Sept,the first Nanjing Bio-pharmaceutical Development Forum and International Tumor and New Drug R&D Summit was held in BPV.

 | Big Events of 2013
►On Mar 20th,People's Government of Nanjing city and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark in China officially signed MOU on Cooperation, marking the first China-Denmark Cooperative Ecosystem Life Science Park settling in BPV.

►On Mar 20th,Ms.Susanna, Danish Business Counselor led the entrepreneurs of the Danish Green Alliance to Nanjing High-tech Zone, visiting few places, including the site of the planning exhibition center, Luye Cisco, a biomedical enterprise, and the first phase of the Sino-Danish Ecosystem Life Science Park.

►On Mar 27th,Mr.James Sweeny, Provost of Stanford University, USA and leaders of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology and others came to BPV and visited the Palace of Talent and Nanjing Yingpai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

►On May 13rd,Dr. Chen Zhenxing, Senior Adviser of the WHO Collaborating Center for Southern Europe, UNESCO Counsellor, and Deputy Director of the Mulad Center for Translational Medicine, visited BPV for the land needed for a project.

►On May 30th,Birgitte Kjoller Pedersen, First Vice President of the Danish Capital Region, led a team to Nanjing BPV to conduct a field study on Sino-Danish  Ecosystem Park.

►On Jun 25th,Mr. Luo Zhijun, Jiangsu Provincial Party Secretary met with Martin Riedgaard, Danish Minister of Climate, Energy and Construction and his delegation. The two sides jointly unveiled the planning and exhibition center of Nanjing High-tech Zone, known as the "Green Lighthouse" of Nanjing.

►On Jun 28th,China·BPV Service Outsourcing Platform Promotion Conference was held in Nanjing. This conference was sponsored by People's Government of Nanjing city and jointly undertaken by the High-tech Zone Management Committee and Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce.

►On Aug 8th,Major General Xu Tianhao, member of the Standing Committee of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences of the Chinese People's Liberation Army and minister of science and technology, led a team to the high-tech zone to inspect the preparation progress of the Nanjing pilot production base for military special drugs of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences.

►On Sept 3rd,Mongens Heering, Senior Vice President of COWI Group and President of COWI China, East China and Central and Eastern Europe, visited BPV and signed a Letter of Intent for the establishment of COWI Nanjing Branch.

►On Sept 23rd,China·BPV Introducing and Marketing Conference and multiple projects signing ceremony were held in Jinlin Conference Center with total investment of 5100million yuan and 20 bio-pharmaceutical projects. The two events are part of 2013 China(Nanjing) Golden Autumn Economic and Trade Fair. 

►On Sept 30th, the first phase of the Sino-Danish High-tech Life Science Park was capped, which was the initiative project of the park.

►On Nov 20th,located at BPV’s R&D area, the General Service Center was successfully capped.
 | Big Events of 2012
►On Apr 13rd,BPV Promotion Conference of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Platform for High-level Talents Home and Abroad was held in Nanjing High-tech Zone. At this conference, 4 projects signed and settled with a total investment of 1150 million yuan.

►In May, BPV won the award of“Cooperation Advancement of Nanjing University PUIC.

►In Oct, BPV was honored as Nanjing Emerging Industry Base by people's government of Nanjing city.

►On Nov 9th,Nanjing International Medical Science and Technology Entrepreneurial Talents and Project Exchange Fair was held in Nanjing Jinling International Convention Center. Huajing, vice mayo of Nanjing city attended.

►On Nov 19th,a BPV building, The Nanjing Bio-pharmaceutical Research Institute Building of Nanjing University was capped.

►In 2012,BPV was recognized as Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Industry Park by Jiangsu Department of Science and Technology.

►In 2012,BPV was recognized as  Entrepreneurship Center of Strategic Emerging Industry by Nanjing Municipal Science and Technology Bureau.

►In 2012,BPV was recognized as Nanjing Bio-Pharmaceutical Valley Export Innovation Base by Nanjing Bureau of Commerce.

►In 2012,BPV was awarded with Most Distinctive Bio-pharmaceutical Park in China, which is an important award of Chinese bio-pharmaceutical Industry.

 | Big Events of 2011
►On Mar 24th,BPV Development Center established.

►On Mar 25th,BPV Construction and Development Co. Ltd was established.

►On Sept 16th,the opening ceremony of BPV Investment Environment Introducing and Marketing Conference was held in NJ International Expo Center.“BPV”was officially unveiled with six projects settling in and a total investment of 3000 million Yuan.

►On Sept 16th,Nanjing Society of Biomedical Engineering held its member representative meeting and elected its 3rd board of directors.

►On Sept 22nd,Nanjing Kingfriend Bio-pharmaceutical Company, a BPV company officially started its building construction, which will be its preparation R&D and production base.