Departmental Organization Setting


| General Affairs Department
1. Responsible for the establishment, revision, implementation and supervision of various management rules and regulations;
2. Responsible for internal and external contact and publicity;
3. Responsible for the circulation of official documents and management of human resources, official seals and files.
| Finance Department
1. Responsible for bidding management, project cost, settlement, fixed asset management, and financing;
2. Responsible for the audit, payment, supervision and inspection of the various expenses;
3. Responsible for the preparation of accounting vouchers and proper management of accounting books and files.

| Industry Development Department
1. Responsible for negotiation and introduction of investment projects of bio-tech and pharmaceutical industry;
2. Responsible for negotiation and introduction of leading entrepreneurial talents from bio-tech and pharmaceutical industry;
3. Responsible for the editing and revision of the promotional materials related to the investment promotion of Nanjing Bio-tech and Pharmaceutical Valley;
4. Responsible for supporting policy research and industrial development of bio-tech and pharmaceutical industry;
5. Responsible for national policy research on technological innovation, industrial development, talent entrepreneurship, etc.;

| Enterprise Service Department
1. Responsible for contacting and serving the settled enterprises, accepting and solving the problems put forward by the settled enterprises in a "one-stop" way;

2. Responsible for coordinating the relationship and administrative affairs between enterprises and government departments at all levels, including striving for policy and financial support related to technological innovation;

3. Responsible for regularly collecting and conveying the latest laws, administrative regulations, policies and organizing publicity and training services related to the business development of the enterprise;

4. Responsible for building the exchange and cooperation platform between enterprises and venture capital, universities, institutes, financial institutions, etc., and serving the needs of capital, talents, industry university    research cooperation, etc. related to the operation and development of enterprises;

5. Responsible for planning and organizing all kinds of activities to enhance the communication and cooperation between the government and enterprises and enterprises in the region;

6.Responsible for cooperating with the Industrial Development Department, undertaking the negotiation, coordination and service of settled projects, focusing on the expansion and development of enterprises in  the park (land, real estate, policy and other needs);

7.Responsible for cooperating with Industrial Development Department to implement talent recruitment, coordinate and solve the problems in the process of project application, enterprise settlement and policy implementation;

8. Responsible for matching and contacting the Ministry of Science and Technology and relevant and municipal, provincial and national government departments, completing the development statistics of  incubator enterprises, regularly reporting to the competent departments at all levels, and striving for the support policies and funds of relevant national incubators;

9. Responsible for the planning, design, construction, operation and management of the Nanjing Jiangbei New Area Public Service platform, including obtaining support policies and funds from government departments at all levels.

| Construction Service Department
1. Responsible for the construction planning of NJBPV;
2. Responsible for the construction management;
3. Responsible for the fire safety, environmental protection and safety supervision of the buildings ;
4. Responsible for the asset management and related supporting property service;
5. Responsible for cooperating with the Enterprise Service Department to meet the needs of decorating service in the park.